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Hi! I am Ashley Behrle, owner of A Family Affair Photography. I am located in St. Louis, Missouri and I am a natural light photographer. What does this mean? It means I do not use artificial lighting 95% of the time. It means I see the beauty in God’s amazing gift of sunsets. It means I find the light during our sessions to create one of a kind art work. I strive to capture the significance in every moment and my method is to allow them to happen naturally without being “in your face”; a “fly on the wall” so to speak. Ultimately, though, we have FUN at our sessions. Dads who may be more camera shy open up, kiddos are themselves and I am there to rock it out and give you the best experience possible. When I say we have fun, we really, REALLY do!

Giggles from your chubby, smiling baby, soft, sweet kisses between a new husband and wife, or the love and bond between parents and a new soul into this world, THESE are the moments that I want to capture; otherwise lost forever!

Me in a nut shell:

I am huge lover of interior design, chocolate and craft beer. I am a coffee addict and absolutely LOVE planning/throwing parties.(I’m THAT mom). I could sit on Pinterest for hours on end, I absolutely thrive on chaos, and it warms my soul to see a rainbow after a storm. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Brandon. I have had the honor of growing up with him and experiencing life’s greatest gift- our two daughters. Adalynn, 4 and Sawyer Kate, 20 months, are my biggest success to date. Being their mom is the single most important thing God could have entrusted me with. They are caring, hilarious, SASSY and keep me on my toes every second of every day. If you just randomly stop by, you may see my house is a wreck, toys are everywhere but my house is full of laughter(and maybe some crying too 😉 )

I have a degree in art from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. I originally went to school to be an art teacher, but I decided to quit my job on a HUGE leap of faith. I started taking photos of family and friends because I loved doing it. Then it started to grow into more than just a hobby. I really felt like I was being directed into this area of business and this could be my “purpose”.

It has been such a blessing to capture these moments for people. I now devote my time raising my two babies and running this small, but growing business. It means everything to me for my clients to be happy and to have photographs they can cherish for a lifetime.

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