Birth Story | Baby Ryker

I cannot wait to share this birth story with you! I think I may say this every time I blog a birth but they really are my most favorite thing to photograph. I love the emotion, the complete and utter rawness and the STORY that unfolds. The anticipation, the waiting, then the main event which is just so….unlike anything else in this world. Then the after…the crying, the facial expressions between husband and wife…then the family rush comes in. The pure excitement is just the best thing to witness and I get to be a fly on the wall for all of it! Ugh! Just love it so much.

You know what has never happened before? Walking into a birth without meeting the couple. That is trust right there and thank you Michelle for TRUSTING me to do this! It means way more to me than you know.

Some of my favorite moments of this birth were when Michelle was writing her letter to Ryker, that Michelle wanted to watch Dexter, Season 1, during her labor, Chad goofing around to distract Michelle and when Ryker was put on to Michelle’s chest and Chad’s expression in the background during all of this.  I could literally go on about every picture, in detail, that I am posting for this blog post. But I’ll let this story and their bond speak for itself.


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