The Gegg Family

Ahhh where do I begin?!

So Elisha messaged me over 3 years ago to take 1 year photos of her daughter. We did them and soon after we became friends on Facebook. Over the next couple of years I watched Elisha post about a business called itWorks. I was already a user of their all natural products, loved the results I got from the skinny wraps and that was that. Thennnnn December of 2013 I decided I needed a serious change in our lifestyle. I had just had Sawyer and needed to place an order for some products to help me lose the rest of my baby weight. I was *miserable*. I was the heaviest I’ve ever been and hated looking in the mirror. I contacted Elisha on Facebook and told her I needed to place my order. Some how(in Elisha form) I ended setting up a meeting with her to discuss the financial/business side of itWorks. Not really my intention but the more I thought about her posts, how much fun she was having with this business and what it was doing for her financially, I decided to meet her. Annnnnd I left our meeting a Distributor. I had built THIS business from nothing and knew I could do it with itWorks just the same. Their business model was legit, people were getting out of debt and I thought it was a great way to pay off student loans and take a few extra vacations a year!

Over this last year, Elisha and I have grown extremely close. She is one my closest friends, one of my biggest supporters and genuinely wants me to succeed in life. Our relationship is carefree and easy…I can be myself around her, cry on her shoulder when needed and know I can text her at any point with my nonsense. She is a “drop everything” for you kind of friend. She is selfless, laid back, is an inspiration to so many and has an impeccable sense of style 😉 Simply put, Elisha is amazing!

I absolutely love love love her little family. Tyson, Ally and Kan-Man are Elisha’s world. Their family dynamic is fun, sweet and full of so much love. I am blessed to be a part of their lives in a way that’s more than their photographer and business partner, I get to be their friend too. I have told her tons of times but God really does put people in your life for a reason and I’m so glad He put them in ours! My photography brought us together, itWorks brought us closer:)

It was time for a family session and this time we wanted to do something colorful and fun. I helped with their outfits(as I do with many of my clients!) and we wanted a location to match. We decided on downtown. It was colorful, unique and just what Elisha had envisioned. We also needed to update her head shots for her business so you’ll see those below as well 😉 I’m in love with how they turned out!

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